Cash rebate

Cash rebate Finland – fast and simple Finnish 25% cash rebate.

Qualifying production formats:

Feature films
Scripted TV drama

Qualifying applicants:

Finnish and foreign production companies. If the applicant/recipient is a foreign company, it is required that the recipient holds a written service contract with a production coordinator who has a Finnish business ID.

Feature Film Documentary TV drama, Animation
Minimum spend in
Finland (euros)
Minimum total budget of the
production (euros)


All applicants are required to have a distribution agreement for at least one platform or one territory. Applications are ongoing and processed on a first come, first served basis. The annual budget is 10 million euros. Qualifying costs in Finland are local expenditure spanning from pre to post-production. Payment of funding is possible during production. Read more:

The Finnish 25% Cash Rebate is administered by Business Finland, please ask us more:

Merja Salonen
+358 2950 55974

Laura Andersson
+358 2950 55991


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