Thousands of lakes and reasons to film in Finland

The land of wife-carrying championships and 1,000-packs of beer is also a great place to film! Finland offers a diverse spectrum of locations, skilled crew, and easy accessibility across all four seasons.

Finland is a land of world championships in outlandish sports such as wife-carrying and air guitar. But for filmmakers, Finland is a place of great variety in locations, where the changing of the seasons adds its own layer of distinction to what the country has to offer. You might be looking for forest-shrouded lakes in the summer or stunning autumnal colors in the world’s largest archipelago. Or maybe you’re in need of the endless night of the arctic tundra during winter, or springtime cityscapes ranging from the modern to the medieval? Whatever the requirement, you can find it a suitable place in Finland.

And while Finns may have a reputation as embodying the strong, silent type, they are among the world’s most fluent speakers of English as a second language. Finland’s highly skilled professional crews and service providers make it one of the best places in the world to bring any production.

Finland is also highly accessible. The country’s five international airports receive direct flights from all over the world. And getting in touch with Finnish locations, partners, services and crew is just as easy as getting to Finland! The Finland Film Commission is a consortium of six regional film commissions across the country which serves as an initial point of contact for all international queries related to filming in Finland, and which helps international productions find everything they need.

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Photo by MRP Matila Röhr Productions